IGI has been intensively using the property model over the past 6 months and during this time it has been deemed necessary to make some additions, edits and in some cases remove properties (although this has been kept to a minimum). 

If when you open a project created in an older version compared to one in question, you discover the "Pyrolysis summary page" (listed under the Interpretation View folder) won't open, then this is because some of the properties previously present have been removed from the system. If this happens follow these steps to fix the issue:

1. Locate the Pyrolysis summary page, listed in the Interpretation view blue folder

2. Right click on the Pyrolysis summary page and select Edit page...

3. Remove S2-OM.Any, PI-OM.Any, Sh-OSI.Any from the page if they are present.

4. Click OK and you should be then be able to open the page through double click or drag into the empty work space and your project should work as normal.

5. Save the new version of the project.